IDP Smart YMCKO Color Ribbon 650643 for Smart S30/50 Printers

IDP Smart YMCKO Color Ribbon 650643 for Smart S30/50 Printers

Model No.︰650643;650634

Brand Name︰ IDP Smart

Country of Origin︰Korea

Unit Price︰US $ 52.5 / roll

Minimum Order︰100 roll

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Product Description

IDP Smart YMCKO Color Ribbon 650643 for Smart S30/50 Printers have two types for options,Korea

IDP Smart or Japan IDP Smart

IDP Smart YMCKO Ribbon P/N: 650643 with 250 Prints per roll

Smart IDP S30/S50 Part number 650643 Made-in-Korea  EXW,GUANGZHOU,CHINA US$52.5/ROLL

Smart IDP S30/S50 Part number :650634 Made-in-Japan EXW,GUANGZHOU,CHINA US$62.6/ROLL


The IDP 650643 ribbon kit includes a cleaning roller to ensure optimal daily printing and is compatible for use with IDP Smart-30S, Smart-30D, Smart-50S, Smart-50D & Smart-50L card printers.

 IDP card printers require specialized IDP ribbons to function properly. To maximize printed card quality and printer durability, use only genuine IDP 650643 ribbons.


Manufacturer and item #:SMART 650643 

YMCKO full color ribbon, cleaning roller included

250 prints per roll

For use with the following SMART series card printers.

1. This kit contains one ribbon and one disposable cleaning roller. 

2. We recommend to replace the cleaning roller every time when you load a new ribbon.

3. If cleaning roller is not changed, the printing quality might be degraded.



YMCKO ribbons consist of Y(yellow), M(magnta), C(cyan), K(black resin) and O(clear overlay) five panels.

1. yellow (Y), magenta (M) and cyan (C) panels for printing a full spectrum of colors by combining the colors using varying degrees of heat.

2. The K panel is a black resin panel, typically used for printing text and barcodes.

3. The O panel is a thin, clear protective overlay.





  • Original YMCKO full color ribbon;
  • Cleaning roll included;
  • 250 prints per roll;
  • High quality low price;
  • Use for Smart 30S/30D/50S/50D printers

Price Terms︰ FOB Guangzhou,China

Payment Terms︰ T/T,Western Union,Moneygram,Paypal,L/C

Packing︰ OEM original

Lead Time︰ 7-15 days upon receipt of payment confirmation

SKU︰ 650643;650634

Standards Certificate︰ ISO9001:2008;ISO14001;SGS

Feature︰ Original

Supply ability︰ 3,000 rolls per month

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